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Firestone Sanctuary is a 77 hectare property and intended ecovillage in Laceys Creek, Queensland, Australia. It will be a sanctuary for native biodiversity, a beautiful retreat for healing, an eco-centre to educate the public, an intentional living community for passionate environmentalists, and a template for the creation of other similar communities.


The focus is on proving a more ethical and egalitarian socioeconomic model. It aims to bring mutualism and sustainable innovation to the production of goods and services, rather than being a lifestyle retreat or escape from society. It aims to build a model for society that intrinsically values life, human connectivity, authentic relations, responsibility and freedom: a society where people are fulfilled in their work and driven to improve because they are aware of their own self-worth.


Firestone Sanctuary has an extended community network that spreads across Brisbane and Australia with connections to other activist, artist and environmental interest groups. This community has an open collaboration model that aims to extend the positive impact of the project beyond the immediate property boundaries.

Mediaeval Fantasy Festival New Years Eve festival at Firestone Sanctuary


The mission of Firestone Sanctuary is to:


Firestone Sanctuary is a purpose-driven project and, as such, will become a non-profit organisation. This is still being set up. There will be no shares in the land, or any financial barrier to entry, only practical concerns relating to the physical space and social interrelations.

The founder, Timotheos, is currently the legal landowner, but the intention is to shift this to the non-profit organisation or similar trust, after the mortgage is paid off and the governance structure is created with members.


The property is quite mountainous with semi-cleared eucalypt woodland at the East side and more lush subtropical forest on the West side. It is currently accessed through the East, via Dayboro, and a road will be made to join through to access the D'Aguilar National Park directly via vehicle. It is one hour from Brisbane by car.

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It is a really beautiful space. Majestic pheasant coucals, friendly brush turkeys, whip birds, bell birds, and other bird life contribute to a relaxing and gentle soundscape. Bandicoots, wallabies and lace monitors often come quite close to the human spaces, curious yet cautious. There are many beautiful trees in the bush and forest, including strangler figs, eucalypts, ferns, sandpaper figs, native raspberries and other biodiversity. At night, there are fireflies nearby outside - they even come inside! - bioluminescent fungi in the forest, owls, shooting stars, and the cosmic expanse of the crystal clear night sky.

There is a bit of work to do to get this property healed of historical environmental damage caused by logging, intensive farming, and invasive species. Some areas are dominated by invasive lantana, giant devil's figs, cat's claw vine and other exotic species. Already work is being done to clear much of this. On the plus side, delicious strawberry guavas tend to grow like weeds!

Bathing pond in the creek, with designated cabin area Dam, looking towards composting toilet Friend Tent Haunted Piano, looking to Pineapple Shed and Metal Cabins


Please donate! Our first priority is installing water storage tanks (approx $3000) so that members have clean water to move in permanently and start setting up the space and gardens as a priority. Tiny homes, caravans and vans typically don't have enough water storage to live off-grid for long, so this is our first priority to helping make this place a home and community.

Please consider sending us a bank transfer of any amount to assist with these costs:

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Firestone Sanctuary

Your generosity is deeply appreciated! Firestone Sanctuary is still in the process of becoming a charity, so donations are not yet tax-deductible. While the necessary amount is being fundraised, unspent funds are held in an offset account against the mortgage on the property.


To request more information, schedule a visit, or inquire about becoming part of the community, please email

We also have a community project planning space, which is set up for internal planning at the moment. All of our planning is transparent and thus publicly visible. Please email us before signing up to that space, or we will not see it.

Where possible, collaborator access will be given freely, as this is a project to improve humanity and share resources, not a commercial venture.

However, if you don't want to collaborate and only want a transactional arrangement to stay and enjoy the natural space, then you can send us a donation (suggested $10 per person per night). The space is already well set-up for camping.

Please tread lightly, leave only footprints and take only photos :) The ethos of Firestone Sanctuary is evidence-based and low-impact, so we prefer local and plant-based consumption.

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